An Open Letter to Sunnie Kahle (and Christian tomboys everywhere)

Emily C. Heath

Dear Sunnie,

You don’t know me, but this morning I read an article about you. (You can read it here:  ) Ever since then you keep crossing my mind. As I went around town today in my jeans and button-down shirt and sweater, I thought about you. As I came home from the gym tonight, I prayed for you. And all the while, I wished I could write you a letter…the kind of letter I wish someone had written to me.

This is me when I was a few years younger than you. This is me when I was a few years younger than you.

I don’t know how to get one to you, though. I thought about trying to send it to your grandparents for them to read to you, but I’m not sure if it would make it there. So instead I’m writing this and posting it on my blog. Maybe somehow these words will find their way to your…

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Grit your teeth and close your eyes

How very true



I often find myself having to deal with dangerous situations, be the calm one, get control over what is happening.  Calm people, empower them.  People often say they couldn’t do my job.

My response is, how do you know?

I have a vivid memory as a child, riding my bike, racing my friends.  We were approaching a junction and there were cars parked (probably illegally) on either side.  As we approached I made the decision to go on the pavement (definitely illegal) and try to overtake as my friends braked at the bottleneck of cars.  I thought I was being clever.

However,  being a child, giddy with excitement and concentrating so hard on winning the race that I failed to think about slowing down for the turn.  All my friends were now at a speed where they could make the turn at the junction, but I was now going full…

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Top 10: Apps

Anything that helps
Sounds good
If it works
Work it

On Counseling, In Discovery

The beautiful thing about smartphones is that they are on us….all the time. While there is a line that can be crossed of using them too much, many opportunities exist for integrating mental health into your smartphone routine. Here are my top 10 apps for mental health.

1. recoveryBox–  This app is a recovery tool box in your pocket. What I love about it is that you can use it to change any addictive behavior, including being lazy! It also helps you track the presence of triggers, and current emotional states that could be warning signs for relapse.

2. MindShift– Perfect for someone trying to manage anxiety. This app is perfect for someone who wants something that can be tailored to their coping skills.

3. One Day at a Time– Perfect for the committed twelve-stepper. This app has chapters from the big book, and will help you…

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What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Great work
Great practice

Dr. David Palmiter's Blog for Hectic Parents

stressed boy Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is often the talking treatment of choice for juvenile anxiety, depression, and various kinds of problems that result from poor stress coping. The word “cognitive” refers to strategies that deal with thoughts and thinking. The word “behavior” refers to strategies that deal with behavioral choices. This blog entry will review some of the major strategies that often comprise CBT.

Externalizing the problem: kids and teens develop a name for their anxiety, depression, or the primary problem area. As Stephen King once wrote: “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win..” Youth are taught that their symptoms of anxiety and depression no more constitute their personhood than symptoms of diabetes or asthma define the personhood of someone suffering from those conditions. Moreover, youth are taught to recognize how their internal enemy attacks them and what specific and effective countermeasures…

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40 and I still can’t figure it out what I want to be when I grow up

Ok so I find myself again thinking ” this job is not for me” quickly followed by ” here we go again”
I have to be honest I’ve been around the work block a few times, and I’ve done loads of different things. Were not talking Doctor, Scientist or anything here but some challenging and interesting careers.
I just can’t find the ONE
The perfect job eludes me
Another day scanning the help wanted ad’s with paper pen and coffee in hand. I start out enthusiastically however quickly realise that it’s the same old same old
What’s a girl gotta do to find that ideal job?
Frankly I’m beginning to think it’s much like the perfect relationship a Myth

I’ve drank the same coffee for 25 years and I’ve always been blonde
So clearly I’m a sticker when it’s right

Or maybe it’s that I can’t settle for one thing, my husband kindly tells me he worked in the same job he did 20 years ago so why do I have to change again, it’s the jobs a job argument. Their all the same, it’s just for the money, what does it matter fiasco
Well I have to say for me it’s just not that easy

I guess I’ll have to get back to the paper and see where my next adventure will take me
Maybe this time it will be the job of my dreams
But some how I think not

Which behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia are the most problematic? Variability by prevalence, intensity, distress ratings, and associations with caregiver depressive symptoms – Fauth – 2013 – International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry – Wiley Online Library